Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The crochet love is spreading :-)

Just realised I haven't posted here for a little while, ooops!  I keep up with my Facebook page but seem to forget this one a bit!  Anyway, the crochet love is spreading!  I had a stall in my neighbour's house this past weekend as it was my neighbourhood Art Trail (Art on the Hill) and my neighbour was displaying her paintings and kindly offered to let me have a spare table in there!  I sat in the corner crocheting away and it was great to have people looking at my crochet things and overhearing their comments!  Lots of very positive vibes.  I also sold a few bits, including 2 of my cats and a bunch of animal kids hats.  I also got a few orders for hats in sizes/colours I didn't already have made.  I also have a few orders from friends so I am super busy making owl and fox hats this week :-)  I have also just listed the Strawberry 'n Cream Cupcake pattern on Etsy, thanks to Joan for testing this for me and picking up on my typo's!

Also over the weekend I went to a very fun fancy dress party.  Ended up staying out very late and hooping with my led hoop (and lots of friends with their led hoops) in a bar with a pretty small dancefloor.  I thing the drinkers in there thought the circus had come to town.....

Oh, and on a hooping note, I have uploaded another video to my YouTube channel.  It's of the final practice before our routine at the Bristol Festival BrisFest.  We are all dressed up and were practicing in the park right in the centre of the city, got quite a few looks from shoppers and passers by! Check out my gold leggings......bling!  Excuse the talking part way through, Mark was watching with George and Freddie and I thing George was trying to put his very sticky lollipop stick down, then he was asking for more lollipops, ha ha!  He obviously wasn't at all interested in watching his mummy hoop!