Friday, 24 June 2011

Nice Mice

I was recently sent a postcard from my sister with some really sweet knitted mice on it that had huge ears and I thought they were so lovely that I wanted to create some crocheted cousins.  And so began project Nice Mice.  I sketched out how I wanted my mice to look and based on the drawing I started to crochet to match the shape I had drawn.

I am really pleased with the finished mouse, he is super cute with those mahooooosive ears!  They are very slightly bigger than I intended but I think it suits Mr Mouse and adds to his appeal!  I will write this pattern up shortly and will then need a kind soul to test it for me, so if you like mice and want to make an oversized eared one let me know!

On a completely different note, while sewing (with lovely shiny golden thread, not showing well in these photos) the felt hearts onto Mr Mouse this afternoon I had a cup of tea and some Cadbury Caramel Nibbles, which I have never tried before but highly recommend, they are lush! x

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