Sunday, 15 August 2010

A creative weekend!

I have written my first ever crochet pattern, woooooo!  Well, I say's still a bunch of notes scribbled on lots of paper with ALOT of crossing out!  But it's mine, I did it!  I have made and stuffed my creation and I am just adding the finishing touches.  All will be revealed soon :-)  It was so much fun and I have plans for more so I might have to set up my own Etsy shop to sell patterns soon......or am I just getting a bit ahead of myself....whoa Heather, slow down!  First I need to type my pattern then follow it to make sure it's right and easy to follow.  Then I will need to find some testers to make sure it makes sense to people other than me!  Also does anyone know how to copyright a pattern?

1 comment:

  1. heather -- one thing you may want to look into is creative commons licensing. It's free and may be more approachable for getting started out ==>