Thursday, 12 August 2010

A whole new world!

Helloooooo!  Yay, I have a blog!  I am very excited about this....but at the same time it's all a bit new to me so bear with me while I get into the swing of it! 

Today I received a little brown box in the post from The Itsy Bitsy Spider, very exciting!  I took part in my very first crochet-along (The Great Owl Crochet Along hosted by Karla Fitch of The Itsy Bitsy Spider) and in the parcel was the owl I would get to keep from one of the swap participants!  On opening the package I was greeted by a beautiful bright red owl as well as his travelling companion, a pretty little blue frog!  There were also two gorgeous skeins of yarn, some stickers and a badge!  As my 2 year old excitedly took charge of the stickers I opened the card to find out who had made my lovely owl.  Well, I was very honoured to find out that Karla herself had chosen to keep my owl out of all the ones sent in to her, and in return had sent me 'Big Red'!  A very successful first crochet-along, I am looking forward to doing another one soon.  Me and the boys took Big Red to the park this afternoon to show him a little bit of his new hometown (he came all the way from the USA so had been cooped up in his box for a fair few days!)


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  1. Your boys have to be the sweetest little fellows I have ever seen! Shame you're all half a world away -- I'd LOVE to set up a play date for them with my daughter!

    So glad you're enjoying Big Red -- and thank you for the photos of him in his new home!!!