Thursday, 23 September 2010

Home sweet home :-)

I had an amazing holiday with a week of fantastic weather, lovely food and drink, and loads of fun with the boys.  The kids were really good on the journey but it did make me laugh when I asked George if the liked the plane or the bus best and he said the bus!  I really thought the plane would have been much more exciting to a 2.5 yr old!

I am now nicely refreshed and ready for the lovely English Autumn.....and to get hooking more hats for winter!  I finished 3 hats while away and the fourth is half finished.  I also crocheted a sweet little heart for the maid who so cheerfully cleaned our apartment every day.  We were running low on Euro's to leave as a tip but I had lots of wool left and I thought she might like something a bit different.  I didn't have any paper to write on though so used toilet roll for the little thank you note, not the most classy choice but it did the job!

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