Sunday, 26 September 2010


Last night I made a pumpkin for the Itsy Bitsy Spider Pumpkin Patch crochet along. It worked up really quick and I love it! Now I just have to decorate it to enter into the best decorated comp! I have so many ideas for decorating, I am going to have to make loads more I think! The kids will have lots of them to play with at Halloween ;-)


  1. Awww! Your kitty looks JUST like my Jade kitty! Right down to the yellow-green eyes and the attitude!!

    The pumpkin turned out awesome. Can't wait to see what's on your hook next :-)

  2. All down your awesome pattern Karla! My little black cat is called Lola and yes, she certainly has attitude, but in a sweet, weird way. She's currently sat on my feet warming them up after a day outside and a hoop performance, what a love :-)