Monday, 13 September 2010

Pattern, Etsy, Holiday & Hooping :-)

I finally got around to typing up my Cat of Great Cuteness pattern and it is now a lovely pretty .pdf document, wooo!  One down, now to do the alien and rabbit.  I have two kind people who have offered to test the pattern out for me  and I can't wait for their feedback, hopefully I won't have made too many blinding errors and they will  be able to follow it ok!    Once it has been tested and any corrections etc made it will be going up for sale in my Etsy shop!  Yes, I have set up shop!  Nothing in it yet but I hope to get the patterns in it when I get back from Portugal (wooo I am going on holiday Thursday morning!).  This will be our first time abroad with the boys so that will be interesting.  Freddie will NOT sit still on my lap for more than 10 seconds so a 2hr flight with him supposed to sit on my lap will be very .....erm......entertaining :-/  I have lots of episodes of 'In The Night Garden' loaded onto my phone and  fingers crossed that might work for at least some of the time!  

Oh yeah, I also set up a Facebook page to replace my Facebook group as it seems I should really have done a page to begin with but I didn't know that then.  Oh well, I think that's pretty much everything sorted for now.

I had a great hoop session at class tonight with Emma (our teacher) just back from Burning Man festival in the desert in th USA!  Lots of new tricks, new tricks!  I am looking forward to some hooping in the sun in Portugal, heaven :-)  Right, back to crocheting hats now. x


  1. Congrats on opening your Etsy shop! I know you are going to be a great success!


  2. Thanks Karla, I am very excited about it all! Can't wait to get back from holiday and list some items in the shop (not that I am wishing my holiday away....I am excited about that too!) x