Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hoop practice....8 months in :-)

A hoopy post today instead of a wooly one!  Last night at hoop class we had the wonderful drummers back in to  dance to, amazing!  So, I thought I would get a video clip on my phone.  Well, I managed to really bodge up the video in all ways possible!  I balanced the phone on my cardigan (which completely muffled out the sound of the fab drummers, doh!) so I have had to add some music to the clip.  Also I had pressed record whilst focusing on something close up to the phone (probably the table or the sound-muffling-cardigan) so when pointed into the room the focus is all soft and fuzzy :-(  Oh well, better luck with my next recording but in the mean time click here for the YouTube link to see the video of me practicing at class, 8 months into my hooping.  

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