Thursday, 2 September 2010

Woooo, it's pumpkin crochet along time!

If you have never done a crochet along (CAL) before then why not join in with this one!  It is being hosted by the lovely Karla of Itsy Bitsy Spider and she has written a beautiful pumpkin pattern especially for it.  If you sign up then you will get a free copy of Karla's pumpkin pattern and the idea is to make at least one (but as many as you like) and then decorate it in whatever way you want.  Then at the end of the crochet-along there will be a pumpkin 'fashion show' where people can vote for their favorite and the winner will get a prize!  The pattern only involves being able to do single crochet, decrease, and half double crochet (but the majority of the pattern is single crochet), so nice and easy!  Read Karla's introduction post more details.
I have signed up and am looking forward to starting!  I did Karla's Great Owl crochet along and it was so much fun so if you love crochet then JOIN NOW!


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Heather! It's great to have you along again on this CAL!

  2. No worries, I am happy to spread the word.....although spreading might be too big a word when I only have 4 followers (I know it says 5 but one of them is me so that really doesn't count!) I have posted to my Facebook group too though and that has more groupies :-) x